Well the highlight of my night last night was slipping and falling in the shower….. yep I did that (eye roll) . Fought with my child yesterday because “we never do anything ever!” and “I am the meanest mom ever!” I am pretty sure he forget on Thursday we went to Funtastic and then Saturday we went out to eat and then to Skyzone, Yep we never do anything and yes I am the meanest mom in the world to doing those things. I bet he also forgot we are going to the Supercross this Saturday (insert another eye roll)

Another thought, Ever heard of Bumble? Yea yea yea i guess it is just like tinder but who knows I’m bored and this whole single thing is starting to suck. Ill have to keep you ( no one has read my blog yet) posted.

Well off to another day of work





Do you have anybody at work that you can NOT stand? Someone who you can just feel is going to annoying you when they walk in your office? I have one, I call him Eeyore. He is the most negative people I have ever met and also the most talkative as well. Let me tell you, I can tell his stories better then he can now since I have heard the same ones over and over and over and over again, and its never anything good. He just walked in here I didn’t even turn my head, he walked right back out and it still made me made.

Does that make me the negative Nancy?




How do you even start? What do you even say? I guess whatever you are feeling at the time right? Like Hi I am a 26 year old single mom of a wonderful 7 year old boy, who drives me crazy!!!! What 7 year old boy wouldn’t drive their mother crazy? I love him with my whole heart ❤ but….. we have our moments.

This morning was great, I woke up got my coffee… we all need our coffee, started making his lunch which consist of a lunch-able every single time I have to pack him a lunch,but WAIT than something amazing happens! He walks out of his room. He woke up all by himself!! WHAT THE WHAT???!!!! Every morning is a fight to get him out of the bed ( He’s only 7 I shouldn’t be having this fight yet) Can I just say how amazing it feels to have your kid get up and get ready AND get out the door without a fight. Oh thank you baby Jesus!

Lets just say this post this morning wasss gayyyy but it is my first one and Im still learning this sh*t.