Bellies and Rings

EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is getting married and/or having babies…. I guess i’ll just sit here and sip my Vodka LMAO. I love my friends but they are slowly slipping away into family’s. I mean I am super happy for all of them. I guess I am going to have to jump on the bandwagon and maybe start dating…. that makes me wanna throw up


Yesterday was horrible, I took the day off because my son had a half day so I thought that I would go out to breakfast with my mother and then just hang around until my son got off the bus. Well I got up got my son and I ready for the day took him to school and went to my mothers.. open the door and she had forgot about our breakfast date. I don’t think I would have been so mad but if this was for anybody else I KNOW she would have NOT forgot. So I went home laid in bed watching tv until it was time to get my son, we went out to Wendy’s for lunch together and then I had some running around to do for a baby shower this weekend. Our first stop was hobby lobby and there it began, SASSY SEVEN kicked in and didn’t stop for the next hour we were out doing our running around. Little did my son know but I was going to take him somewhere to play after the stores I had to go to, NOT ANY MORE! So we spent the rest of the day at home doing nothing.

I did get a text this morning from my mom wanting me to make cookies for her…. oh so you want to forget about me and then me make cookies for you? hahahahaha this is my life.


Child leash

I am your typical soccer mom, I most defiantly embarrass my child. I play as well so I do know what I am taking about. Well this post might bring on many different opinions and this is mine.

There is a younger class practice next to my sons, and there is a grandpa that brings his grandchild to soccer practice every time. Cudos to you! But…. and this is a BIG but….. why why why do you have your child on a leash?! I don’t care if it is made for children to wear, this company should be out of business. No child should wear a leash, your not doing something right as a parent if you can not control your child to not run away from you or any other family member that cares for your child. Grow some FN ing balls and teach your child to listen to you.

I have always got those dirty looks from people walking around the mall or park because of how young I am ( and I look even younger) and having child calling me mommy. Well over the years I have learned that age does NOT make you a bad or good parent! Not ONE bit. Next time your some where and there are children and there parents watch everyone not just the moms that look like they are still in high school, I know more young moms that are better parents then I do “older”




Yes I’ve been gone for 3 days it’s been a weird weekend. So Friday my step dads wife (long story) anyways, she goes into surgery to a “routine” procedure. This DUMBASS obgyn decides “hey I’m going to forget what I’m doing” and accidentally cuts a artery, 2 trama surgerons get done with  there surgery and run to her operating room to basically save her life. She lost 2 litters of blood and has staple horizontally and vertically in your abdomin. She is currently still in the hospital recovering. Oh and not to mention this is well… was MY obgyn, yea I’ll be switching.

Saturday was the AMA Supercross 2017, my son, my friend, my mother and I had tickets, um I’m glad I spent $350 on these tickets because these seat were amazing!!! They had some great races and of course my all time favorite Broc Tickle did pretty good… how can you not like him? His last name is Tickle.

Sunday I decided I was going to color my hair bright red… I’m a blonde. I haven’t done it yet, but I did buy the hair color so this is happening. I also decided I was going to see if I can go back to school, I hate school like hate hate hate it. But I’m going to try….. #whatthewhat



SOOOO over 7 years ago while I was pregoooo my “baby daddy” decided he was going to cheat on me…Hench the single mom club anyways. This girl was SOOOOO immature, while I was still prego she called me fat…. well DUH! thats what happens when your growing a human inside your body. Well other than the fact for even years after I had my son she would still message me stuff like how she was “better” then me because my mom and dad were not rich and could buy me everything lmao.

Well for some reason I just looked her up….. This bitch is HIT! like 30 lbs over weight and she is NOT prego…. let just say that karma does come back around to bite you in the ass. and as much as I would love to talk shit I’m going to continue to be the bigger (even tho I’m smaller) person

Don’t give people shit for no reason you don’t know what they are going through.



Waist trainer

Sooo I caught up on all the KUWTK and watching them wear those waist trainers… I was like I have to get one….. Well I order a small…. yep that was a mistake, if I only I recorded me and my mother trying to get this thing on me.. and then off. No amount of “sucking in the fat” laying on the ground and pulling to get this on me was working. needless to say medium it is :/ #momlife

Other then that highlight.. I have no life.

Work was funny though. Every time my boss and I are together people think I am his wife…..(NONONONONO) yesterday though…. Someone asked if I was his Wife HAHAHAHA!! Finally there is a 15 year gap and I look even younger then that!