Yesterday was horrible, I took the day off because my son had a half day so I thought that I would go out to breakfast with my mother and then just hang around until my son got off the bus. Well I got up got my son and I ready for the day took him to school and went to my mothers.. open the door and she had forgot about our breakfast date. I don’t think I would have been so mad but if this was for anybody else I KNOW she would have NOT forgot. So I went home laid in bed watching tv until it was time to get my son, we went out to Wendy’s for lunch together and then I had some running around to do for a baby shower this weekend. Our first stop was hobby lobby and there it began, SASSY SEVEN kicked in and didn’t stop for the next hour we were out doing our running around. Little did my son know but I was going to take him somewhere to play after the stores I had to go to, NOT ANY MORE! So we spent the rest of the day at home doing nothing.

I did get a text this morning from my mom wanting me to make cookies for her…. oh so you want to forget about me and then me make cookies for you? hahahahaha this is my life.



Author: singlemomclub09

Young single mom striving to be the best that I can. Lets talk about it

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