Child leash

I am your typical soccer mom, I most defiantly embarrass my child. I play as well so I do know what I am taking about. Well this post might bring on many different opinions and this is mine.

There is a younger class practice next to my sons, and there is a grandpa that brings his grandchild to soccer practice every time. Cudos to you! But…. and this is a BIG but….. why why why do you have your child on a leash?! I don’t care if it is made for children to wear, this company should be out of business. No child should wear a leash, your not doing something right as a parent if you can not control your child to not run away from you or any other family member that cares for your child. Grow some FN ing balls and teach your child to listen to you.

I have always got those dirty looks from people walking around the mall or park because of how young I am ( and I look even younger) and having child calling me mommy. Well over the years I have learned that age does NOT make you a bad or good parent! Not ONE bit. Next time your some where and there are children and there parents watch everyone not just the moms that look like they are still in high school, I know more young moms that are better parents then I do “older”





Author: singlemomclub09

Young single mom striving to be the best that I can. Lets talk about it

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