Yes I’ve been gone for 3 days it’s been a weird weekend. So Friday my step dads wife (long story) anyways, she goes into surgery to a “routine” procedure. This DUMBASS obgyn decides “hey I’m going to forget what I’m doing” and accidentally cuts a artery, 2 trama surgerons get done with  there surgery and run to her operating room to basically save her life. She lost 2 litters of blood and has staple horizontally and vertically in your abdomin. She is currently still in the hospital recovering. Oh and not to mention this is well… was MY obgyn, yea I’ll be switching.

Saturday was the AMA Supercross 2017, my son, my friend, my mother and I had tickets, um I’m glad I spent $350 on these tickets because these seat were amazing!!! They had some great races and of course my all time favorite Broc Tickle did pretty good… how can you not like him? His last name is Tickle.

Sunday I decided I was going to color my hair bright red… I’m a blonde. I haven’t done it yet, but I did buy the hair color so this is happening. I also decided I was going to see if I can go back to school, I hate school like hate hate hate it. But I’m going to try….. #whatthewhat



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Young single mom striving to be the best that I can. Lets talk about it

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