How do you even start? What do you even say? I guess whatever you are feeling at the time right? Like Hi I am a 26 year old single mom of a wonderful 7 year old boy, who drives me crazy!!!! What 7 year old boy wouldn’t drive their mother crazy? I love him with my whole heart ❤ but….. we have our moments.

This morning was great, I woke up got my coffee… we all need our coffee, started making his lunch which consist of a lunch-able every single time I have to pack him a lunch,but WAIT than something amazing happens! He walks out of his room. He woke up all by himself!! WHAT THE WHAT???!!!! Every morning is a fight to get him out of the bed ( He’s only 7 I shouldn’t be having this fight yet) Can I just say how amazing it feels to have your kid get up and get ready AND get out the door without a fight. Oh thank you baby Jesus!

Lets just say this post this morning wasss gayyyy but it is my first one and Im still learning this sh*t.




Author: singlemomclub09

Young single mom striving to be the best that I can. Lets talk about it

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